Magic Truffles Galindoi Mushrocks

Magic Truffles Galindoi Mushrocks


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The correct name for ‘magic truffles’ is Sclerotia and they belong to the same fungus class as ‘magic mushrooms.’ The magic mushroom grows above the ground as a fruiting body. The underground part, mycelium (fungal network), absorbs nutrients from the soil and here you see the sclerotia emerging as a thickening of mycelium. In the first place, they serve as nutrient storage, when no nutrients can be found in the fungus. In favorable conditions, Sclerotia can grow into mushrooms above the ground.

The “magic mushroom” and the “magic truffles” are closely in connection and both involve psilocybin, psycholine, and baeocystin/norbaeocystin, psilocybin being the most interesting psychoactive agent. Tryptamines are a main component of psilocybin in magic truffles and are also closely related to LSD and DMT. Psilocybin is into psilocin in our bodies and interacts with serotonin, a neurotransmitter. Serotonin is affected by memory, mood, self-confidence, sleep, emotions, sexual activity and appetite. Psilocybin is not addictive though tolerance can occur.

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Psilocibyn has been in use for at least 10,000 years by indigenous peoples around the globe for healing, prayer and visions in the Magic Mushrooms. The holy rite can be in 6000-year-old rock paintings from Spain, 7000 to 9000-year-old cave paintings from Algeria, and portraits, motifs and sculptures from Central America. G Wasson and a photographer traveled to Mexico to visit the Mazatec curandera, María Sabina (medicine woman). “In documented history, they were the first “Western” men to eat magic mushrooms.

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The “set” relates to the physical state and attitude. It is necessary to start a psychedelic journey in a secure mental and physical state. Having the correct target here is also critical. The environment relates to the circumstances and the setting. It is advised to take a ride in a situation where you feel secure with people you trust. Buy Magic Truffles USA About 30 minutes after ingestion, the effects become evident. Vibrant visual effects and an overwhelming sense of solidarity are encountered by most users, but no trip is the same. Time and space have a new significance that is viewed by many as an experience of mysticism.

magic truffle spores

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